WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app. Brands can leverage the WhatsApp API, WhatsApp Business app, and chatbots to automate entire conversations and message flows.


Facebook is one of the most popular chat apps having userbase with more than 1.3 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) worldwide. So if you are considering using messaging apps for your business, Facebook business chat should be first on your list.


With the potential to reach so many people, Instagram is an excellent and valuable platform to get to know your customers, listen to their needs and speak to them in a way that relates to them.

Google Business Messages

Google Business Messaging allows customers to discover and connect with you directly from Google Search, Google Map and other brand assets to enhance customer experience.


Telegram is one of the most feature-rich messengers and a free messaging app focused on speed and security. The interface is simple and clutter-free. Unlike WhatsApp Business App, you can download Telegram on several devices and messages will sync smoothly across them all.


Viber Viber Business Accounts can be used as business accounts to allow customers to interact with your brand. As the name implies, Viber Business Accounts can use automated messaging, they can also connect to a customer support platform to message customers manually.Creating a Viber Business Account is completely free and there are no limitations on […]


Team members want to receive immediate notifications when important events occur on other platforms. Receiving notifications on Slack channels helps teams be on the same page. They will have access to the same information and can better collaborate, coordinate and delegate tasks accordingly.


All LINE Official Accounts are free to create. However, the Free plan has a messaging limit. LINE provides two additional paid plans, Light and Standard. Each has a number of included messages and a rate for additional messages.