Reduce Abandoned Carts on
Bitrix24 Using WhatsApp

  • Reach 1000s Of Opted-In Users
  • Collaborate With Team Members Via Our Shared Team Inbox
  • Send messages directly from Bitrix Dashboard
  • Send Custom messages to all your Bitrix Contacts or Segments
  • Automate Notifications in Bitrix

Integrate your Shopify Store with WhatsApp

Personalised Messaging

Personalise your messages with variables like name, salutation, etc to give a personal touch to your conversation.

Message Scheduling

You can now schedule campaigns for a later date and time, no need of any technical configuration.

Welcome Messages

Send a welcome message when a new lead is added to your Bitrix CRM.

Automated Notifications

No need to send manual messages everytime, we can automate all your notifications.

Workflow Integration

Integrate seamlessly with Bitrix Automations and Triggers and build your custom logic for notification trigger.

Notifications to Admin

You can notify admin or any other staff member when a deal is closed, or lead is converted.

Drive Business Growth using Conversational AI

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide support on your customer’s favorite app, and improve your CSAT scores.​

Personalize Marketing

Give your customers a better experience with personalized offers and messages that build a better rapport and repeat business.

Automate sales & support

Get an intelligent chatbot with pre-made ecommerce templates to automate sales & support.

One Customer One Thread

Get all messages in a single thread from all channels, so that you do not have to search at different platforms.

No Code Implementation

Install our Shopify App, so that you do not have to worry about integrating API's, and you can focus on other areas of your business.

Contextual Communication

Loop in an agent when required without losing the context of the conversation.