IT & SaaS

Crack the communication code

Customers expect your communication methods to be as tech-savvy as your products or services. Harness the power of instant messaging to engineer great customer experiences.

Build Relationships Fast

Instantaneous conversations with customers help build relationships fast, preventing lead leakage and lost sales.

WhatsApp Chat

Add a WhatsApp chat button on your website, Facebook and Instagram ads to invite queries from highly qualified leads.

Automated Chatbots

Start automated conversations right after signup with Wati’s easy to build chatbots that can be built using a drag-and-drop interface.

Route Qualified Leads

Qualify and route your leads to the right place to ensure they are handled by the most appropriate team members.

Personalized Promotions

Design and message with personalized offers at scale to maximize engagement across your CRM data.

Integrate Your Tools

Native and custom integrations for your favorite tools, CRMs, helpdesks, and anything else in your software stack.

Engage customers effectively

Whether you're a startup or a global enterprise, customer acquisition and growth are crucial. Create meaningful engagement across the customer lifecycle without overloading your team.
  • Reach customers on all popular messaging channels from a single platform
  • Drive sales inquiries with click-to-chat ads, QR codes and omnichannel widgets conversions.
  • Qualify leads via data enrichment tools like Clearbit and assign only high-quality leads to agents

Provide exceptional support at scale

Overwhelmed by trivial inquiries or taking too long to resolve issues? Centralize your support channels and maximize resources to deliver excellent customer experiences every tim
  • Offer 24/7 support with automated FAQs, access to a human agent or a mix of both
  • Create priority queues for VIP clients and assign them to dedicated agents
  • Resolve issues quickly with contextual information about customers

Work smarter with flexible solutions

No one communication tool can do it all, but chatondesk comes close. Use out-of-the-box features or customize workflows to suit your specific needs.
  • De-silo teams to empower collaboration or create separate workspaces for operational autonomy
  • Consolidate your tech stack by integrating data centers, CRMs and other third-party applications
  • Trigger automation manually or via API to handle broadcast responses, update contact data, escalate issues and more
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