• Acquire Customers
  • Convert Sales
  • Drive Repeat Orders
  • Grow Revenue
To start chatting with customers over Facebook Messenger all you need is a Facebook Page. Once set up, Facebook Page visitors will be able to message your page over Facebook Messenger privately and you too can respond them back.


Requirement to implement Facebook Business Chat? 1. Create a Facebook Business Page.
2. Enable Facebook Messages

How can I start conversation with my users directly via Facebook Chat?Communicating with customers over messaging apps is different from using email, phone and SMS. It would be nice if you could simply send all your Facebook page followers a private message, but Facebook does not allow this to avoid spam. Like most messaging apps, Facebook requires users to send the first message for businesses to start conversations.

How many phone numbers can i associate with my Whatsapp Business Account?
A phone number lives under a WABA, which is managed through Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager is also where you manage other Facebook assets. Each WABA can have up to 25 numbers, depending on the phone number tier.

What is Facebook  messaging window Being able to respond to Facebook users makes conversations with customers a lot easier than email. To prevent companies from spamming users after this initial conversation Facebook has implemented a 24-hour Messaging Window.

After 24 hours, businesses can still respond to those customers, but they will have to send their message with a Facebook Message Tag. Facebook has enabled four message tags: Confirmed Event Update, Post-Purchase Update, Account Update, and Human Agent.

Each of the first two tags enables companies to update customers after certain customer actions. Confirmed Event Update tags allow event reminders and Post-Purchase Update tags allow shipping status updates.

Account Update Tags enabled companies to notify users of account changes like terms and conditions or issues like fraud alerts but cannot be used to send recurring content like monthly statements.

The Human Agent tag is designed to enable customer service by enabling agents to respond to issues within 7 days rather than 24 hours. The Human Agent tag is currently in Beta and is only available to some apps like Chat On Desk.

Keep in mind Facebook may restrict your Page if you use message tags outside their intended purposes. In our experience, Facebook will provide a warning first and then start restricting page usage for a day, then two days, etc.

Can i Broadcast message to all my users? One-to-one messages are great for customer service, but for marketing and other use cases you might want to use broadcasts. There are two ways to send Facebook Messenger broadcasts, using Sponsored Messages or Message Tags.

For a marketing use case, you’ll need to use Facebook Sponsored Messages. Using Sponsored Message you’ll be able to reach out your current Facebook Messenger Contacts with a promotion or some other Marketing message.

Of course, Facebook will charge you for this privilege. Although Sponsored Messages can be sent outside of the Messaging Window, you still shouldn't spam your customers. As may limit your page usage if the block rate goes above a certain percentage.

For other use cases like notification, you can use Facebook Message Tags for broadcasts. Although Facebook doesn’t encourage this, it doesn’t restrict this practice either. So you’ll need to use your own judgment to stay out of any troubles.

Sending a concert cancellation notification broadcast using the Event Update message tag is a perfectly valid use case. However, it is likely easy to get in trouble if a lot of users start blocking your page and Facebook does provide one other way to send notifications.