Real Estate

Open more doors with instant messaging

Location is key, from the channels you reach prospective tenants and buyers on to the platforms that get the job done. Centralize your real estate tools on to market, sell and offer personalized support over chat.

Share Your Catalog

Use WhatsApp to showcase your products and keep your customers updated with the latest stock information.

Fast Response to Offers

Invite fast responses to your sales promotions as over 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Personalized Promotions

Send targeted WhatsApp campaigns with personalized promotions based on customer purchase patterns or seasons.

Loyalty Program Updates

Enroll customers in your loyalty programs and update them on points schemes and personalized special offers.

Confirmation & Support

Send automated order confirmation and billing updates, and automate responses for support with non-code chatbots.

In Stock & New Products

Immediately alert customers when items are back in stock, and promote new products, upsell and cross sell.

Hand prospects the keys

SMS and email are too slow for the fast pace of real estate. Promote properties for rent or sale on popular social media and messaging channels, then gather all responses in a single inbox for swift handling by your team or chat automation.
  • Use new listings or virtual property tours as lead magnets to generate, capture and nurture leads
  • Turn interest into sales opportunities with click-to-chat ads, chat links, omnichannel widgets and QR codes
  • Answer FAQs about listings automatically and escalate inquiries about hot or premium properties to agents

Build relationships and trust

Buying, selling or managing properties involves multiple stakeholders. Navigate follow-ups and negotiations with tenants, buyers, sellers, agents, brokers and service providers without losing track of the details.
  • Organize communication with different stakeholder groups into separate messaging channels and workspaces
  • Integrate your real estate CRM with for a 360-degree view of property data and all relevant interactions
  • Create a comprehensive profile of stakeholders and record all discussions and agreements across their lifecycle

Manage operations of any scale

Real estate never sleeps, but you can rest easy with the right tools. Whether you run a boutique real estate agency or a property management firm with an international portfolio, get more done with less effort.
  • Increase productivity and allow agents to focus on high-value deals or clients when you automate tasks like lead qualification
  • Assign leads to agents by territory, property type or potential deal size, or use round-robin logic for equal distribution
  • Create seamless client experiences by empowering collaboration among teams
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