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WhatsApp API is designed for medium to large companies that want to use WhatsApp with multiple users. It is more complex than other WhatsApp products like WhatsApp Business App. For instance, WhatsApp API has no app or front-end interface and needs to be integrated into a business software.


What are session messages?WhatsApp does not allow businesses using WhatsApp API to send messages without approval. To prevent spam and ensure businesses reply to incoming messages quickly, WhatsApp imposes a messaging limitation called Session Messaging

Session Messaging allows you to reply to incoming messages within a 24-hour window. Once the 24-hour window closes, you can no longer send Session Messages. There is no need for any prior approval before sending a Session Message, provided that it abides by WhatsApp Business Policy and WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

What are template  based messages?
After 24 hours from last incoming message, businesses are only allowed to reply with Message Templates. Message Templates are pre-approved messages used to reopen the 24-hour Messaging Window or start a new conversation.

How many phone numbers can i associate with my Whatsapp Business Account?
A phone number lives under a WABA, which is managed through Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager is also where you manage other Facebook assets. Each WABA can have up to 25 numbers, depending on the phone number tier.

How many messages can i send from Whatsapp Business API?
The phone number tier of your WhatsApp API account will determine your messaging limit - the number of Contacts an account can message. There are five tiers a phone number inside a WABA can reach, including:

● Unverified Trial Tier: Send messages to 50 unique Contacts in a rolling 24-hour period & have up to 2 numbers
● Tier 1: Send messages to 1K unique Contacts in a rolling 24-hour period & have up to 25 numbers
Tier 2: Send messages to 10K unique Contacts in a rolling 24-hour period
● Tier 3: Send messages to 100K unique Contacts in a rolling 24-hour period
● Tier 4: Send messages to unlimited unique Contacts in a rolling 24-hour period

Please note that the messaging limits only apply to business-initiated messages called Message Templates.

Is it mandatory for customer to opt-in to receive Whatsapp messages?
To maintain the quality of customer experience, WhatsApp requires businesses to obtain opt-ins from customers prior to starting a chat with Message Templates.
Opt-ins can be obtained both on and off WhatsApp. Think interactive voice response (IVR), website forms, WhatsApp Ads, WhatsApp links, WhatsApp QR codes or through WhatsApp threads (customer-initiated messages).