Get the job done over chat

Reach a wide range of candidates and shorten recruitment cycles with instant messaging. It’s faster than email, cheaper than SMS and reaches top talents on the channels they spend the most time on.

Share Your Catalog

Use WhatsApp to showcase your products and keep your customers updated with the latest stock information.

Fast Response to Offers

Invite fast responses to your sales promotions as over 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Personalized Promotions

Send targeted WhatsApp campaigns with personalized promotions based on customer purchase patterns or seasons.

Loyalty Program Updates

Enroll customers in your loyalty programs and update them on points schemes and personalized special offers.

Confirmation & Support

Send automated order confirmation and billing updates, and automate responses for support with non-code chatbots.

In Stock & New Products

Immediately alert customers when items are back in stock, and promote new products, upsell and cross sell.

Get candidates in your inbox

Whether you’re mass hiring for an agency or headhunting C-Suites, spread the word where it’s sure to be seen. Promote job opportunities on the right channels and respond to all messages from a single inbox.
  • Attract diverse candidates with multilingual postings, automated messages and agent conversations
  • Enter applicants into a recruitment chat effortlessly with click-to-chat ads, links and QR codes
  • Send targeted omnichannel push notifications or broadcasts to reach active and passive job seekers in your contact list

Qualify applicants efficiently

Top talents get snapped up quickly. Move candidates down the hiring funnel fast with the right balance of automation and human touch in every recruitment chat.
  • Maintain discretion with instant messages instead of outing job seekers with phone calls during office hours
  • Automate screening and pass qualified candidates on to human agents for further assessment
  • Update evaluation forms in real time and automatically close the loop for unsuccessful candidates

Revolutionize your recruitment process

Talent acquisition doesn't have to be this tricky. Streamline processes to remove the guesswork and enable a 360 view of recruitment efforts.
  • Integrate ATS, recruitment CRMs and candidate management software to centralize recruitment data and conversations
  • Create separate Workspaces for different verticals or as firewalls for clients with conflicts of interest
  • Intervene in time-sensitive hiring issues from anywhere with the mobile app
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