Google Sheets

Automate Notifications on
Google Sheets Using WhatsApp

  • Reach 1000s Of Opted-In Users
  • Collaborate With Team Members Via Our Shared Team Inbox
  • Google Form Integration
  • Send Automated Birthday Wishes
  • Automate Notifications
  • Send Bulk Notifications to Filtered data

Integrate your Shopify Store with WhatsApp

Notify on Form Submission

Send notification to user and admin when-ever a google form is submitted.

Auto Notifications

Notify user by simply typing "yes" in your google sheet

Bulk Notifications

Send one or thousands of notifications in a click, without leaving your google sheet.

Notify on Value Change

Notify user whenever value in a particular cell changes. You can even add custom conditions when the notification is to be sent.

Use Formula to Notify

use a simple formula to notify users, from your google sheet. It even works pretty well with array formula.

Automate Birthday Wishes

You can now send birthday wishes to all your contacts exactly on their birthday. No need of any manual process.

Drive Business Growth using Conversational AI

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide support on your customer’s favorite app, and improve your CSAT scores.​

Personalize Marketing

Give your customers a better experience with personalized offers and messages that build a better rapport and repeat business.

Automate sales & support

Get an intelligent chatbot with pre-made ecommerce templates to automate sales & support.

One Customer One Thread

Get all messages in a single thread from all channels, so that you do not have to search at different platforms.

No Code Implementation

Install our Shopify App, so that you do not have to worry about integrating API's, and you can focus on other areas of your business.

Contextual Communication

Loop in an agent when required without losing the context of the conversation.