Grow online store sales with WhatsApp

Give your customers better online hopping experiences

Share Your Catalog

Use WhatsApp to showcase your products and keep your customers updated with the latest stock information.

Fast Response to Offers

Invite fast responses to your sales promotions as over 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Personalized Promotions

Send targeted WhatsApp campaigns with personalized promotions based on customer purchase patterns or seasons.

Loyalty Program Updates

Enroll customers in your loyalty programs and update them on points schemes and personalized special offers.

Confirmation & Support

Send automated order confirmation and billing updates, and automate responses for support with no-code chatbots.

In Stock & New Products

Immediately alert customers when items are back in stock, and promote new products, upsell and cross sell.

Integrate Messaging on WhatsApp

Promote, sell, and fulfill orders more efficiently on WhatsApp
  • Improve customer experience and reduce friction in your transaction processes with customers.
  • Bring customers back to your Shopify, Woo, or homegrown website using promotional and new product campaigns on WhatsApp.

Supports Simpler E-Commerce

Process automation eliminates manual tasks, saving time
  • Compatible with powerful tools for automating ecommerce business processes.
  • Flexibility to set up automations, workflows, data conversions and more, with integration tools including Zapier and Integromat.

Meets Communication Needs

Flexible to adapt to different e-commerce communication needs.
  • Great for ecommerce, no matter what your business model and supply chain – pure-play D2C, in-store retail, partners and marketplaces.
  • Automate responses to common questions, and escalate more complex ones to your sales or support teams.
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