• Acquire Customers
  • Convert Sales
  • Drive Repeat Orders
  • Grow Revenue
There are no obvious ways to create a Business Telegram Account. However, there are two ways to use Telegram for business. You can create groups and channels of course. However, the best is to create a Telegram Bot for business.


IS telegram business Api free? The Telegram Bot API or Telegram Business API is free and can be used to create bots for social, gaming, productivity, and e-commerce services. However, Telegram Bots can also be used for human support by connecting them to a CRM or messaging platform.

Requirement to implement Telegram Bot 1. Create a Telegram Bot
2. Save the token generated by Bot Father

How can I start conversation with my users directly via Telegram Chat? To get your customers as Telegram Contacts, they’ll have to message you first. This is a limitation used by Telegram and other messaging app business accounts to reduce spam.

What is Telegram Messaging window?Messaging customers on Telegram is relatively straightforward. Although other messaging app business accounts place limits when you can message and what you can send, Telegram doesn’t place any such limitations on brands. Since Telegram doesn’t have a messaging window like other messaging apps, you can message customers any time after they become a contact.

Does Telegram Provides Read Receipts? Telegram provides sent, delivered, and read status on personal accounts but not on Bot API. Whenever a Telegram user messages your Telegram Bot, every message they send will be marked as read automatically. So it may create the impression that you have read the message but haven’t replied.

Can i Broadcast message to all my users? Like 1:1 messaging, Telegram doesn’t create any limitations for broadcasting. You can send rich media like pictures, videos, files, and text to an unlimited number of Contacts. But remember, you’ll need to get them to message you first to become Contacts. Keep in mind, Contacts can block your bot if they don’t like what you send them. Once they’ve blocked you, there’s nothing you can do. Even if you try to send them a new message, you’ll receive a notification that says Forbidden: bot was blocked by the user.