How to verify your business

How to verify your business Go to Business Manager’s Security Centre. Click Start verification. Provide your business’s details, including the legal business name, address, phone number and website. Note: Make sure that the details you submit exactly match the details of your legal business entity. Also make sure that your business’s website loads and is HTTPS […]

Whatsapp Messaging Limits

Whatsapp Messaging Limits Messaging limits are the maximum number of business-initiated conversations (across all template categories) a business phone number can open in a 24-hour moving period.Without verifying a business on Facebook, you can send messages to up to 250 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period. Tier 1 Allows you to send messages to […]

Create Carousel Template on Whatsapp

Create Carousel Template on Whatsapp Under main menu click on Whatsapp under channels. Click on templates tab. Then click the `Add (+)` icon located at right bottom of the screen. Click on `New Template`. Select template category. Select template type as carousel. Name your template, and fill in the message body(bubble). Add appropriate message components […]